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The First Step

The First Step…

Idea concept with row of light bulbs and glowing bulbIn the last few years we have seen a new group of property investors, normal, ordinary people who have built a financially independent future based on their own property portfolios.

When it comes to entering this exclusive club, the first step is perceived to be the hardest. People have this fear of rejection or failure. Sadly, many fail to take that first step as a result of these fears and many times the result might have been success. So instead of making the effort and taking the risk, many people just sit back and wonder, if ‘only’.

If you are not one of those people, then now should be the time to take that first step…

So are you going to live your life thinking about property investment, or are you going to get out there and find out about what all the fuss is about?

Why Property?

So why choose to invest in property over other forms of investment…

A Property Is A Tangible Asset
Unlike stocks and share or even bonds, property is a tangible asset. In financial terms, an asset is an economic resource that is capable of being owned or controlled to produce value. In simple terms, assets represent the value of ownership that can be converted into cash.

‘An asset is something that puts money in your pocket!’
Property Investments Have Traditionally Provided Better Capital Growth
Capital growth is the increase in the value of a property over a period of time and is one of the main reasons people have historically invested in the property market.

While all investments are subject to ups and downs, the UK property market, and more so the London property market, has been very successful over the medium to long term.

Even now property prices in London are recovering from the 2007 low.
Investors In Property Have More Control Over Their Investments
Most investors in property have direct control over their asset and so can easily make decisions as to rents and improvements and to exit strategies.

With the stock market, you can either buy or sell and all other control is left to the whims of some CEO.
Returns from Rental Income Usually Cover Property Running Costs.
If you are in property investment for the long haul, then the decision to rent the property can pay dividends in covering running cost and might even be able to pay an income.

How does it work?

How Does Property Investment work…

To start with it is best to realise that a home purchased for one’s own needs is an emotional one, you need your home to fulfil certain criteria that suits your lifestyle and future plans. Investing in property is a business, there should be no emotion but an understanding of how the business operates from what income it generates, to what expenses it incurs, to what are the potential risks. The difference is buying a home and buying a house.

Types of Property Investment; there are two main types of property investment – direct and indirect.
Direct Property Investment
You can purchase property with a view to letting it – this would give you both an income, in the form of rent from a tenant, as well as capital growth if the property is sold for a profit.

Property Development
You can purchase property directly with a view to renovating it and selling it for a profit.
Indirect Property Investment
You can also invest in property indirectly through a property fund. If the fund performs it will provide you with an income in the form of dividends, or rental income, depending on the type of fund, and capital growth when you come to sell.

Why Us?

Why Freedom of Choyce…

Our Company is


A small business that you will meet and get to know personally.
Everyone involved in the business.
Need To Know More.

If you need to know more details on how the business works, please visit our about us page

The Next Step

The Next Step…

If you have got this far, then you are ready to take that first step…

Please contact us by telephone, 020 3012 8807 or email enquiries@freedomofchoyce.co.uk.

So go ahead and let Freedom of Choyce lend a helping hand.