About us

High Quality Property Deals in South London and Surrounding Counties

iStock_000007148318LargeWe source high quality property investment deals in South London and the surrounding counties, primarily because of it’s strong economic growth with an affluent and professional rental market.

We source for our exclusive property investor clients. This group gets exclusive access to our high quality sourced deals.

For each deal, we negotiate a significant discount from the market value thereby giving you a fantastic instant equity gain and great cash flow.

Our trusted Trades Team can refurbish the property, with our experienced Letting Team available to manage the tenant side of things for you, efficiently and competently.

If you are interested in benefiting your investment strategy by working with us, please contact us to book an initial conversation to discuss working together.



  • Presentations at Property Investor Meetings to attract agents and ensure a regular flow of development opportunities.
  • Regular liaison with estate agents, auctioneers and owners.
  • Viability assessment and analysis of projects.
  • Submission of offers.
  • Liaison with solicitor and regular updates for investor.
  • Obtain best best finance for investor and complete process.

Development Strategy

  • Independent report on property’s potential
  • Detailed project analysis and business plan.
  • Will organise specialist professionals if necessary.


  • Liaison with architects and submission of planning applications.
  • Liaison with local authority.
  • Specifications for refurbishment project.
  • Quotations for building works.
  • Organise refurbishment at cost.
  • Design layouts and choose appliances and fittings.
  • Manage contractors on site.
  • Pay bills from joint venture bank account (Partner Package).
  • Manage joint venture bank accounts (Partner Package).
  • Pay monies from any sale into:
    • Joint Venture Bank Account (Partner Package).
    • Client’s Bank Account (Client Package).
  • Ensure project is finished, site cleared and tidy.
  • Instruct agents to sell or manage letting agent.


  • Appoint letting agent.
  • Authorise appropriate maintenance and repair work.
  • Condition checks.
  • Manage joint venture bank accounts (Partner Package).
  • Ensure rent collection and take legal steps for non payment.


  • Instruct estate agent or auctioneer and prove details of property.
  • Liaise throughout the sale with agents and solicitors.
  • Liaise with investor during the selling process, i.e. paperwork.
  • Pay monies from any sale into:
    • Joint Venture Bank Account (Partner Package).
    • Client’s Bank Account (Client Package).
  • Retain all property records at our offices.